EDITORIAL: Incentive package needed

A fresh produce trader in Nairobi
A fresh produce trader in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

So far, the incentives that the government has proposed for companies and SMEs presume that all the affected businesses will survive the coronavirus pandemic whose effects continue to take a toll on corporate Kenya.

However, there is a likelihood that some of the more vulnerable businesses are unlikely to overcome the challenges posed by the virus and there is therefore need for policy makers to prepare an incentive package for those that will be hardest hit.

Even after the country defeats the pandemic, and we are optimistic that it will, we will need a programme to help businesses post Covid-19.

As such, it is advisable for the government to start thinking early about how the hardest hit businesses can be helped to get back on their feet once the worst is over.

The country will still need to create new jobs and sustain the existing ones and also overcome the challenges of under employment that this crisis has created.


As such, longer term thinking and planning is needed to ensure that the country and the business community has a survival strategy for the period after the pandemic has been conquered.

It would be advisable for policy makers to engage business leaders in coming up with these strategies and also to get their buy-in from the outset.