EDITORIAL: North road upgrade vital

A section of Isiolo town
A section of Isiolo town. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The Sh81 billion World Bank loan to upgrade Isiolo-Mandera road and lay a fibre-optic cable will be a major boost to the North Eastern region.

The region has historically lagged in development.

Transporters and passengers, for instance, have been complaining about the long and treacherous journey to Mandera, which inhibits private investments.

The infrastructure upgrade is expected to attract investments, facilitate regional and domestic trade, create jobs, and improve access to Internet-based opportunities in the region.

Expanding the transport corridor will further provide security agencies with greater access of the region that has been an operation ground for bandits and radical terrorists and facilitate emergency response in case of a disaster.


The planned fibre-optic cable will help increase access to the Internet, which is a key driver of growth in modern economies.

Implementing agencies should ensure that the funds are used prudently and for the benefit of the local community.