Obey the rule of law


The right to picket for better pay and working terms is provided for in law.

Therefore, we cannot begrudge nurses and any other worker who deem fit the right to down their tools to demand for what is rightly theirs.

However, the same law also demands that court orders must be obeyed.

When nurses openly defy a direction by the Employment and Labour Relations Court suspending any industrial action pending reconciliation between authorities and their union, it sets a bad precedent and undermines the principle of the rule of law, which is the very basis of order.

So far, nurses in 13 out of the 47 counties are on strike and their counterparts in 10 others are also planning to join in on Monday as they demand uniform and nursing service allowances.


Our plea to the striking nurses is to give dialogue a chance as well as follow directions as set by the courts to amicably iron out what may be ailing the healthcare sector.

They also need to introspect and consider the plight of the millions affected by their action.

After all life comes above everything else.