LETTERS: Poor flood management cause of disasters

makeshift bridge
Two children died after this makeshift bridge collapsed in Munungo village, Kakamega County, following heavy rains last month. PHOTO | ISAAC WALE 

It is heartbreaking that tens of Kenyans are losing their lives in just a few days of heavy rains. Floods are only natural. We may be unable to stop them from occurring, but we sure can manage it.

No one should lose their loved ones like the families that lost children during the landslide caused by floods in West Pokot recently. My condolences to all the affected families.

Many are the times we are caught offguard on matters weather. We should not be homeless because of the ambush by this calamity. Families do not need to be separated due to floods.

With the right measures in place, the distress associated with flooding would be a thing of the past.

The government can do a better job in improving the communication systems of the Meteorological Department. Adequate funding can go a long way in advancing the necessary equipment that will enhance early warnings of incoming floods.


The local authorities in flood-prone areas should invest in the construction and maintenance of reservoirs and dykes away from human settlements.

These would redirect the waters and prevent stagnation.

Proper waste management and clearance of drainage systems would greatly reduce the adversity of floods.

Euphrasia Atieno via email