EDITORIAL: Probe doctor’s death

Prompt action should be taken to ensure that the problems that precipitated the suicide are addressed. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The death by suicide of a Kenyan doctor being trained in Cuba under a government-to-government programme is both sad and sobering and calls for serious reflection as well as prompt action to ensure that the problems that precipitated it are addressed.

While the circumstances of the death are still under investigation, it is notable that it comes a month after Kenyan doctors in the programme expressed their frustration and complained of poor working conditions.

The doctors also cited delays in getting their pay and inadequate stipend for the numerous challenges that they have had to endure in a foreign land. The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Doctors' Union (KMPDU) argues that the doctors were given a raw deal and accuses the Health ministry of being unresponsive to their grievances.

These are legitimate concerns and the government has the responsibility to review and address them promptly.

The death of the doctor is not just a loss to his family but also to the country. That is why the unfortunate incident must be investigated thoroughly and all the issues affecting the other doctors handled properly and humanely.