EDITORIAL: Rein in contractors

Road construction
Road construction. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Stern action - including but not restricted to blacklisting - should be taken against road construction companies that abandon work half way, exposing businesses to losses and road users to safety hazards and inconveniences.

This trend has become all too common, especially in Nairobi, where many businesses are routinely affected by this errors of ommission and commission.

Whereas it is possible that in some instances, construction work is suspended due to court cases or delayed pay, all of which are understandable, measures but be put in place to anticipate such bottlenecks and resolve them in good time for the convenience of all. It is lamentable that construction work on a section of the Enterprise-Likoni Road in Industrial Area has been abandoned as has also happened with East Gate Road, where gaping trenches have left numerous large-scale businesses counting losses running into hundreds of millions of shillings.

Such oversights expose investors to more troubles than they ought to endure considering that the cost of doing business in Kenya is already high due to taxation, cost of labour and power, shifting policy decisions and other challenges that they have to face constantly.