EDITORIAL: Step up water supply

safe water
Supply of safe water remains critical in winning the war against coronavirus. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

As the country continues to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, there are many hurdles that continue to slow down the critical fight.

Among the key measures rolled out by the government in curbing the spread of the disease is frequent handwashing with soap or the use of sanitiser. Others are social distancing, wearing of face masks, working from home, restriction of movement in some counties, closure of schools, religious facilities, bars and restaurants to avoid gatherings, and a nationwide dusk to dawn curfew.

But with the ongoing heavy rains and floods wreaking havoc in parts of the country, damage to the water infrastructure has resulted in many Kenyans lacking access to the vital commodity for their day-to-day livelihoods.

We urge the government to hasten the repair of the damaged infrastructure and to also ensure that areas that have previously faced acute water shortages are assisted.

While it is imperative that Kenyans adopt the measures rolled by the government in combating the disease, no effort should be spared in helping them achieve this goal by offering them the required assistance.


For example, using water bowsers to supply the commodity to slum dwellers should be stepped up while digging of bore holes would go a long way in assisting those living in water deficit areas.

Supply of safe water remains critical in winning the war against coronavirus hence the urgent need to address the prevailing shortages quickly.