The New Tecno Phantom 6+ to have five layered metal reinforcement

Full metal body – the phantom 6+ has five layered metal reinforcement. PHOTO | COURTESY

Our phones many a time let us down when it comes to buttressing our style. After using them for some time, they begin to look old, break at the edges and have unavoidable scratches everywhere around the body.

To guard against scratches and breaks, some smartphone users prefer to wear their smartphones certain types of jackets.

Unfortunately, while these jackets do a good job in protecting the phone from physical damages, they end up covering the phone’s beauty.

Full metal body – protect against physical damages with style

Full metal body – the phantom 6+ has five layered metal reinforcement. PHOTO | COURTESY

With the release of explicit images online, TECNO fuels rumor about their next generation full metal body technology for the Phantom 6+. The design is a product of five different layers of reinforced metal to enhance durability.

Each of the different layers adds unique elements to the sturdy appearance of the device. From bottom up, the body is made up of a Nano molding seamless metal unibody, a firm fastener, a non-detachable battery design, an aluminum magnesium alloy frame and a corning gorilla glass v3.0 on the top.

Even with five layers, the Phantom 6+ is still 7.7mm slim

Even with five layers, the Phantom 6+ is still 7.7mm slim. PHOTO | COURTESY

I would have expected that after bundling five different layers of metal together, the Phantom 6+ will be massive in size but that isn’t the case.

Rumors making the rounds suggest that the Phantom 6+ still maintains a model physique. Now, if the size of the Phantom 6+ is by any means 7.7mm then, I am afraid I might have to dismantle the device by the time itsofficially out in September to unravel the mystery behind hiding a 4050mAh battery in five different layers of metal.

SONY 21MP camera on board-leaked TECNO Phantom concept pictures unveils the mobile giant’s renewed focus on Ultra HD imaging.

Nano chip technology advancement is the force driving the new tiger wave of super-smart phones wrecking havoc on global mobile review platforms.

Frankly, the specs we see these days on smart phones are getting scarier by the day and seasoned reviewers are lost for words; gone are the days when one could say “here goes the champ of them all.” Just be patient, some flagship will pop up and crash the specs party!

Take for instance, the leaked concept photos of whatever next Phantom TECNO is warming up to (some say it is TECNO Phantom6, really who knows), the pictures speak for themselves, dual SONYTM top-end cameras, guys c’mon...

DSLR quality SONY phase contrast lenses

DSLR quality SONY phase contrast lenses. PHOTO | COURTESY

Rumour or not, if next Phantom flagship will drop with this quality of lenses, the ripple effect will be humongous. It is like having a smart phone with endless camera pre-sets just the way top end DSLR cameras do.

Nonetheless, I will suggest that smart phone enthusiasts like myself tread cautiously in terms of what to expect from the soon to be released Phantom, these are concept pictures.

From what I heard ( and from a reliable source by the way) the SONYTM rear camera is given but I don’t think it will be dual rear cameras on TECNO Phantom6+, yeah, the next TECNO Phantom is Phantom6 and it sure will have a Phantom6+ with slightly different specs from its variant TECNO Phantom6.

Expect a Phablet from TECNO Phantom6+

This is no way affirmative but quality eavesdropping sometimes yield incredible results. From what I have heard, the plus on Phantom6 is trustworthy cue that a phablet will be in the mix. Watch out people, there will be a play on sizes and that’s not all…

Octa-core processor or Deca-core processor…

Next Phantom will be heavy on the chipset side of things. I will expect (now, that’s only an intelligent guess) that either the Phantom6 runs the octa-core processor and leaves the deca-core to the plus size or both TECNO Phantom6/6+ run on deca-core processor but if you ask me, that is highly unlikely.

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