Tatu, Konza City form lobby to seek foreign investment


John Tanui, Konza Technopolis Development Authority (Kotda) CEO. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Tatu City’s developer, Rendeavour and Konza Technopolis have established a special economic zones (SEZs) association to promote economic development in the country.

The agreement, aimed at championing economic zone policies and creating a conducive operating environment for SEZ enterprises, seeks to attract foreign direct investments (FDI) as well as support domestic investment.

“Konza Technopolis and Tatu City are sister cities charting Kenya’s path toward sustainable urban development and the ease of doing business on the continent. Tatu City is delighted to deepen its engagement with Konza Technopolis by agreeing to establish an association of SEZs dedicated to the country’s economic prosperity and business climate,” Tatu City Chief Operating Officer Preston Mendenhall said.

In January, the two cities announced collaborations to build mega- projects’ that will attract both local and international investors.

Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) chief executive officer John Tanui said that the engagement will propel development of joint smart cities with a focus on areas such as promotion of the cities, promotion of SEZs and the utilisation of the cities’ world-class infrastructure.

“We are glad that our engagement with Tatu City has continued to bear fruit and, from today’s discussion, we are pleased that the establishment of the SEZ association will seek to promote investment in our country,” Eng Tanui said.

This comes at a time when more than 60 companies have already taken up space at Tatu City, with 13 of them operating as SEZ enterprises.

Mr Tanui said the authority is already benefiting from the SEZs incentives with over 50 investors earmarked to take up space at the Konza Technopolis.

Tatu City and Konza City are building mixed-use developments that include homes, schools, offices, medical centres, nature parks, sport and entertainment complexes and manufacturing.

So far, KoTDA’s National Data Centre and Konza Complex are complete while horizontal infrastructure on Phase One is ongoing.

In Tatu City, two schools – Crawford International and Nova Pioneer – educate 3,000 students daily and 5,000 homes are occupied or under construction and development.