Total eyes biofuels in diversification plans


TotalEnergies has opened talks with industry stakeholders in a bid to introduce biofuels in the country. FILE PHOTO | NMG

TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya Plc (TMK) has opened talks with industry stakeholders in a bid to introduce biofuels in the country as the world moves towards sustainable energy.

Disclosures from the fuel firm said it initiated discussions with the Kenya Bureau Standards, and Petroleum and Mining ministry on the new entrant.

“Together with industry stakeholders we have participated in developing petroleum standards and regulations to deploy biofuels in Kenya with an aim of holistically addressing matters pertaining to biodiesel development,” said TMK in its 2021 annual report.

“TMK has initiated the process of biofuels development in Kenya because we believe that the promotion and use of biofuels as a future energy source cannot be ignored.”

Biofuels are composed of biological raw materials such as vegetable oils. They are usually mixed with petroleum products like diesel to reduce pollution.

Examples of biofuels include ethanol (made from corn or sugar cane), biodiesel (vegetable oils and liquid animal fats), green diesel (derived from algae and other plants) and biogas (methane from manure and other digested organic material).

“The company will progressively continue engaging Petroleum and Mining ministry and EPRA (Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority) on appropriate transition and integration of conventional fuels with biofuels,” the disclosures read in part.

Representatives from the oil and motor industries developed draft standards, which are subject to public review and comments.

The world grapples with global warming and fossil fuel prices with countries seeking alternatives such as biofuels.

The deployment of blended fuels will help reduce carbon emissions.

However, despite the advantages of biofuel, the drawbacks include a shortage of food supply as well as carbon emissions although the quantity may be low.

“The industry through the PIEA will continue to engage the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority over the deployment of blended fuels in the Kenyan market,” added TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya.

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