Total sets up 13 electric vehicle charging stations

TotalEnergies petrol station in Hurlingham, Nairobi. 

Photo credit: File | Evans Habil | Nation Media Group

TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya (TMK) has set up 13 electric vehicle (EV) charging sites in partnership with e-mobility firms as part of an ongoing shift to clean transport.

The Nairobi Securities Exchange-listed firm disclosed that it has partnered with three EV firms--Ampersand, Roam, and Arc Ride-- to expand its network of service stations, raising its number of EV sites from three in 2022 to 13 last year.

“We have established strategic partnerships with three leading e-mobility players namely Ampersand, Roam, and Arc Ride. Leveraging our network of service stations, we have opened 13 EV sites in 2023 as compared to three sites in 2022 providing convenient access to battery charging and swapping points to electric motorbike customers,” Total Energies said in a freshly published annual report.

Ampersand and Arc Ride offer e-motorcycle fleet and battery swapping networks in a growing population of EVs.

The number of electric vehicles and motorcycles registered in Kenya increased by more than five times last year as more corporations and individuals migrated to clean mobility, according to data from the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority.

There were 2,694 registered EVs in 2023 from 475 units recorded in the previous year.

Roam, a Swedish-Kenyan electric vehicle startup, said that it has a location partnership with Total and Quickmart.

“For Total, we are at Lusaka Road, Waiyaki Way, and Outering Road, and we’ll soon launch in Dagoreti and South C,” said Roam.

Total launched its first charging point at the Gigiri service station joining other firms that have their own charging infrastructure including Kenya Power.

The transition to a green transport system powered by electric mobility has grappled with challenges of investment and a lack of sufficient charging infrastructure across the country.

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