34-year-old finance and accounting professional eyes lifeline in beauty venture

What you need to know:

Sylvia Mukunzi, a 34-year-old professional in finance and accounting talks about her barbershop and spa side hustle.

Why did you decide to explore a beauty venture?

In my earlier years, growing my family owned a salon and I learnt everything there that involves running the business, and it came in handy in the birth and growth of Arden Spa and Barbershop.

What makes you outstanding in your business?

Having a finance and accounting background has provided me with the financial acumen required to manage the financial aspects my spa business effectively. It helps tremendously to maintain financial stability, optimize profitability, make informed decisions, and ensure compliance with financial regulations.

Where is your business located?

 We are strategically located in Kilimani off Lenana Road on Kasuku Road directly opposite CVS plaza.

Our target clients are men and women who want to look good and feel even better. We cater to their needs by maintaining a professional image while catering to the utmost privacy and assured convenience.

 What does your business entail?

Arden is a beautiful home away from home. We have put special detail to the ambiance to give the best to our clients.

We also give back to the community through our local children's homes. In terms of services, we have a special blend from injury recuperation, to Chinese cupping to reach a wider range of clients.

We continuously train to make sure we are at par with changing trends. The world is also going digital and through our online booking, social media and website we are integrating technology and enhance efficiency.

Retaining clients is an ongoing process. At Arden; we consistently provide excellent, professional service, listen to our clients' feedback, and adapt relevant strategies as needed to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty.

Sylvia Mukunzi. PHOTO | POOL

How was the experience when you were starting out?

When I started, giving up was never an option. The journey has been very enlightening and the experience so far rewarding. I’ve gathered so many lessons in the past year and a half. Remember, running a spa and barbershop requires dedication, attention to detail, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

By following these lessons, you can create a thriving business that provides a haven of relaxation and grooming services for your customers.

All in all, find your way, and in the end people will forever celebrate the success. Nobody is interested in the struggle.

What are your future dreams?

I want to create a brand that speaks for itself beyond the organisation. When a client can proudly associate themselves with our brand. All the staff can proudly carry our name along, even when they move to pursue other interests.

Finally, to make an impact in society to bring smiles to the less fortunate and be a safe space to all those who need it; mentally physically and economically. A day at a time and taking a step by step.

What lessons have you bagged with time from your venture?

When passion and experience combine, they create a powerful synergy. Passion drives your motivation and fuels your dedication to continuously learn and improve, while experience provides the practical foundation and expertise necessary to excel in your chosen area.

Together, they enhance your chances of achieving success, personal satisfaction, and making a positive impact in your field.

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