Bolt’s driver selfie check feature to boost safety


Bolt has dismissed at least 5,000 drivers in the past six months due to non-compliance and safety-related matters. FILE PHOTO | POOL

Digital ride-hailing platform Bolt has unveiled a driver selfie check feature as part of efforts to enhance passenger safety as well as prevent driver impersonation and account sharing.

Once drivers go online, they will be prompted to take a selfie in order to verify their identity and ensure that details provided in the app correspond with shared photos.

In a statement on Monday, Bolt said drivers whose selfies fail to match previously shared details will be restricted from offering services on the app until their details are verified.

“The safety of riders and drivers on our platform remains of utmost priority. This is why Bolt continues to innovate and provide superior safety features. Our mission revolves around offering affordable, quality and safe services and through this new driver selfie check feature, we aim to offer a safe rider mobility experience to all users on our platform,” said Bolt country manager Lina Ndung’u.

“The new feature will discourage driver impersonation and continue to strengthen our mobility service by enhancing the safety of riders,” she said.

Other safety features previously incorporated on the platform include the drive and car verification feature that allows riders to check and confirm that the driver and car that picks them is the same as the one displayed on the app.
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