Animation, game school to be set up in Nairobi


From left: Rima Le Coguic, Director of the Africa department for AFD, Dr Laila Macharia, Director of Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) and Stephane Andre, Director of Rubika School during the signing of an MoU between ADMI and Rubika School for the creation of an animation and game school in Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY



  • Rubika, ADMI and FDA are collaborating to set up a Bachelors programme in Game Design and Development.

French Development Agency is set to finance the creation of a Createch animation and game school in Nairobi after signing a deal with Rubika, a consortium of French design institutes and Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI).

Rubika, ADMI and FDA are collaborating to set up a Bachelors programme in Game Design and Development and a short term certificate in 2D Animation to start later in the year. The project will support promising animators through training, apprenticeship, incubation, investment and distribution.

“This exciting collaboration with RUBIKA allows us both to achieve our mutual vision of turning passion into profession. By 2020, the global animation market is projected to reach $270 billion in value. This provides a unique opportunity for Africa’s youth to produce - and sell - world-class content. To meet the challenge, we must train local animators to global standards, equip them with business skills and link them to the global content market.” said ADMI Managing Director, Dr Laila Macharia.

France is one of the countries recognised globally for their expertise in the animation sector. The collaboration will aim at supporting production of local content from Kenya and East Africa towards the global animation and gaming industry.

“After India and Canada this is a great opportunity to expand our international network. Animation film and gaming sectors present tremendous potentialities in Africa. We are very proud to be part of this adventure which will allow both of our schools to learn from each other. Our common purpose will be to help each of our students to go from his/her passion to a future and enjoyable job," said Rubika CEO, Stephane Andre.