College in deal to train on digital content


The Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI), a digital career accelerator, has entered into a partnership to train students on digital content.

The deal with LunaTone, a SaaS or on-demand software provider specialising in digital content based in Tokyo, Japan, will help students find job placements and develop their ideas on content business including metaverse and e-sports.

Dubbed the Digital Content Apprenticeship, the partnership will see ADMI train the students through master classes to meet international skills standards, remote work assignments and offer incubator programme for people creating digital content for sell.

LunaTone will offer Africans paid placements with the company and help find other opportunities with international companies in the digital content industry, specifically gaming.

“There are a lot of tech jobs in Japan and across the west and we can leverage on this. It is estimated that the shortage of tech workers will reach 85 million by 2030, meanwhile, many African countries are facing an unemployment challenge. We believe that with targeted skilling and support, Africa’s youth can bridge the global talent gap,” said Dr Laila Macharia, ADMI chair.

In turn, the agreement is also expected to augment talent in the Japanese industry which is experiencing a severe shortage of skilled professionals.

“The partnership will mentor creatives to serve the Japanese digital content sector by producing viable commercial games and other animated and extended reality content,” said Dr. Baro Hyun, LunaTone Founder and CEO.

“It will also introduce Japanese companies to Africa, not just as a market for products and services, but also as a talent pipeline.”