Demand for cybersecurity experts grows on attacks


The number of certified cybersecurity professionals is lagging demand, forcing companies to scramble for the few available at a higher cost as they grapple with rising online attacks.

A survey covering the period between 2013 and 2021, done by global cyber researcher and publisher Cybersecurity Ventures, says the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs grew from one million to 3.5 million globally.

“There is a shortage of cyber analysts in the country and on a larger scale globally. The Covid and post-Covid period shook the cybersecurity ecosystem and there is an overall feeling that the cybersecurity skills gap has actually increased,” said Samuel Keige, Head of SOC Presales Engineer at Revere Technologies Limited.

This has led to increased poaching of analysts within the industry, including by foreign firms as the cyber operational space is not limited by physical country boundaries.

After the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, companies took to the internet to carry out business remotely, which led to a spike in cyber-attacks.

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