Fancy ways to achieve a chic look this Jacaranda season

Floral prints have worked their way from being just a trend into becoming a staple section of our closets. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK

The streets of Nairobi are looking lush. It is October and the Jacaranda trees have started to blossom with a purple hue covering the streets.

If the Jacaranda season and dressing up are your thing, then you know it’s the perfect time to pull out your favourite styles and enjoy views of the beautiful purple haze. We have rounded up some of the chic outfit ideas and fashion-forward accessories that fit the bill.

My favourite outfit for this month is the Jacaranda ruffle dress-based Jacaranda Tunic, with an exquisite hint of lavender. Punctuated by a delicate white eyelet trim. For me, it spells romantic afternoons. But from what I have gathered, purple, white, and a mixture of mustard screams Jacaranda season.

Shades of purple

When it comes to incorporating colours into an outfit, purple is typically a bold colour choice. For this Jacaranda season, why not try different shades of purple or mix and match with accessories of different colors to add some spice to a head-to-toe outfit?

Floral prints

In today’s life, floral prints consist of floral fabrics, flowing skirts, tunics tops, bell bottoms, and printed pants, it’s almost synonymous with spring, flowers that have long represented renewal, beauty, and the feminine side of nature. It’s hard to go wrong with floral prints during springtime just as it’s hard to go wrong with sweaters in winter. But at this point, floral prints have worked their way from being just a trend into becoming a staple section of our closets. So whether it’s a wedding or a simple picnic date, floral prints work perfectly in this season.

Go white

Forget all the stringent rules and everything you’ve heard about how delicate white outfits are, instead consider combining this neutral colour with bold accessories. In case it’s not warm enough feel free to layer the dresses or jumpsuits with cream or dark coats.

When the British left Kenya at the end of their colonial rule of the country, one of the things they left us was the gift of the jacaranda tree. Roselyn Wangechi, a student says she loves the season.

“I think I do a post on jacarandas almost every year and every year I always proclaim them as my favourite tree. I love the vibrant purple flowers that last I was upcountry in and I don't know if I've ever seen so many Jacarandas in one place! I love this season and I love dressing up for it, plus I love taking pictures of the flowers, so it was a good thing,” she said.

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