Lake House serves excellent gin and good company

Chef Alan Murungi of Sierra Brasserie at Lake House Tigoni, during the Supper Club lunch on September 17, 2022. PHOTO | POOL

Out by the lake in Tigoni, at a charming and impossibly surreal house, a sloping green lawn straight out of a fantasy tale, a group of diverse people [a dozen or so] normally meet for a six-course dinner hosted by Mikul Shah. You know the very intrepid Mikul from Eat Out, don’t you?

Each time a new chef comes to do his culinary magic in this shindig. They call it the Supper Club. It’s a club of adventurous foodies or people who enjoy and appreciate a unique and exploratory culinary journey.

There is always wine and chatter and laughter. This time around they hosted a gin-tasting menu by Chef Alan Murungi of Sierra Brasserie. The gin was the Procera Gin, the 2022 Vintage Release.

I’m no gin person but you don’t have to be to know good gin. However, to appreciate good gin you have to know what bad gin tastes like - and there is a lot of bad gin out there.

Procera gin, a Kenyan distilled right here from our very own juniper seeds picked less than 50kilometres from Nairobi and bottled in Kitengela bottles [that you’d be mad to throw away after] is an excellent gin.

Martini’s flowed at the event. There were oysters [I find oysters slimy]. There was a beautiful smoked Kilifi sailfish and astonishing pan-fried tilapia, Wagyu/ borana beef and some grilled Ostrich fillet [oh, that was heavenly].

The courses were accompanied by the different types of Proceras; green dot, red dot, and blue dot. [I love the green].

I don’t like groups of people, especially those that look like they put a lot of thought into their dressing. But surprisingly I liked this group. One of my highlights?

I sat next to a lady who works at the World Bank, can speak four languages, is a black belt holder in Judo, and knows about any topic you put on the table. I glowed in her wisdom and brilliance.

During breaks between the courses, I walked down to the lake. The stillness wrestled my restless mind and held it still. I could hardly breathe from the beauty and peace.

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