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  • It is on Wood Avenue Plaza, well Wood Avenue in Nairobi.
  • They say it's a place for film, food and view.

It is on Wood Avenue Plaza, well Wood Avenue in Nairobi. They say it's a place for film, food and view. Let's start with the food because it's the shortest review I have ever written; I haven't eaten there before.

This brings us to the view. It overlooks the Yaya Center traffic lights and Argwings Kodhek, a vein that runs through Kilimani.

At night, if you sit there nursing a drink you will see the mentality of a typical Nairobi driver and their general disdain for order and rules. Matatus skip lights. Private motorists skip light. It's mayhem. Everybody is going somewhere and they want to get there first.

Then there is the film. Recently they showed "Congo'', a documentary about the troubled Congo and its wars and mayhem. Before that was "My friend Fela", about the legend Fela Kuti and his activism through music and lifestyle marked by interviews in his underwear and his 20-something wives. Very badass.

The theatre is very small after they have observed Covid-19 regulations of social distancing. It cannot have more than 30 people, which makes it the perfect place if you do not like the traditional theatres with lovers and their lips smacking in darkness.

I get the feeling that they show only socially conscious, educative afro-centric movies or documentaries. The irony is that the bulk of their theatre patrons are Caucasians.

We don't want to know about Fela or the war in Congo. Or perhaps we already do. Or perhaps we don't care so much. Or we prefer to be in bars taking shots of tequila and Instagramming. Or nobody knows about this place.

Whatever the case, I think it's a fantastic idea. The movie starts on time and you can carry your drink in there. If you are going for romance you can't because of the positioning of the seats. So you go for culture, to be educated while you are being entertained.

Go check it. Take a date if you want, it will cast you in a different light. You will stand apart from everybody who says, "you want to catch a drink?"