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Future of collaboration rushing into the cloud


The number of businesses migrating operations to Cloud-based services has shot up in recent years. According to Gartner, the market for Cloud computing overtook its non-Cloud counterpart two years ago and is expected to double in size by 2025.

There are many reasons for this rising transition to the Cloud. Cloud services offer security and stability, give operations more flexibility, and help cut costs.

Furthermore, the last two years have seen drastic changes as many public and private sector entities saw their ongoing digital transformation needs accelerating.

Working remotely has become part of ‘the new normal’ as swathes of day-to-day operations have moved to the online space.

Remote has seen an increase in employee productivity, prompting many employers to adopt a Hybrid Working Environment, reaping the benefits of both remote and office working, including increased staff morale, talent pool expansion (sourcing workers both locally and abroad) and right-sizing from a cost perspective.

Collaboration: One of the vital aspects in making any working environment (be it remote, office or hybrid) successful is collaboration. Over the last two years, online collaboration has proliferated to the point where it’s become a permanent fixture.

Businesses that were forced to adopt remote working practices because of Covid-19 lockdowns soon found that not only were their employees able to work as (if not more) effectively wherever they may have been located, but the technology was cost-effective and allowed for a wider level of collaboration.

Beyond the myriad applications that could be used for online meetings, teams could work together on shared documents, with the same access available to compose and edit in real-time.

Any changes to project documents are synced, meaning team members can view the same workflow without the hassle of having to sort through email trails and multiple versions of the same files. Furthermore, they can view and edit up-to-date files from any location.

Adopting Cloud services enhances the strengths online collaboration already offers. A Cloud service provider not only offers the infrastructure and connectivity this type of collaboration requires, but it can also mitigate other concerns.

Private Cloud services offer software packages – employees will be using the same apps across the board negating confusion – support including upgrades, debugs maintenance and security to keep remote worker access safe.

Implementing a Cloud-based productivity system can give both employers and employees peace of mind that their data and documents are secure, the rights tools for document sharing and project management, and enterprise options that are scalable, streamlined, and flexible.

Tailor-made solutions for a successful collaboration: Now that collaboration has made such a significant move to the online space, businesses need to be able to empower their employees with the right tools, infrastructure, and support to maximise their productivity across the board.

Products suite

What is required are tailor-made solutions for online collaboration, specific to whatever industry requirements are needed — Healthcare, Finance, Government, Manufacturing or Retail — by leveraging Microsoft Modern Workplace digital ecosystem and array of apps.

This single solution allows employees to work from anywhere across any device using a suite of products that include secure email, file storage, calendars, communication tools and collaboration hubs for teamwork.

Microsoft 365 offers a set of productivity apps as well as a collaboration platform that connects employees to the communication channels, online resources, and meetings they need in their day-to-day operations.

Perfect for in-office, remote and hybrid working models Microsoft Modern Workplace offers businesses a suite of solutions to meet the needs of any business.

The changing nature of business allows clients to build their own digital ecosystem to streamline their operations cost-effectively.

The future of collaboration is in the Cloud and finding a solution that will provide your business with a holistic solution to empower your employees and increase productivity is crucial now more than ever.