Quirky bar you need to visit in your lifetime


Cityscape of Berlin downtown illuminated at night. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK

Nightlife in Berlin, Germany is exciting. Joseph Njuki walked into a bar and was welcomed with a quirky toilety-cum-horror themed décor; barmen serving cocktails in potties, a toilet brush, and roll-holder, vomiting tray hanging from the ceiling, a toilet seat on his table, and water squirting at him amid a friendly hello from the staff.

An ardent traveller who has been to 16 countries in three continents and looking to add more after the coronavirus subsides, the Das Klos bar, was the quirkiest places Joseph has visited.

“In German, Das Klo means the toilet. This quirky entertainment spot attracts tourists from all over the world. You have to reserve online least you have to wait outside until a patron gets out to get space in,” he says.

Being a person who likes to explore and not limit himself to the traditional destinations, he decided to take his girlfriend on a date.

“I thought a movie or disco were way too common. I wanted something unique. I took her to Das Klo. Things that you find in your toilet were hanging from the ceiling of a bar! And my beer was served in urine bottles and laboratory test tubes. We were hungry so we ordered German sausages. To our surprise, they were brought on bedpans. The look of the sausage wasn’t appealing but the taste was delicious. I focused on the taste to keep my mind off the presentation,” he says.

They have a resident DJ who is extremely funny.

“He dedicated to us an old song about Nairobi by Tommy Steele. He had spotted us coming in. He welcomed us and asked where we were from. He later gave us a visitor’s book to sign in and comment,” he says.

The bar is fun. Creepy spider-like creatures fall from above the table.

If you go, order your drink in a urine bottle, Joseph says. It is about 300ml and alcohol will cost you about Sh520. A urinente (half a litre) costs about Sh870 and the urine flask which is 1.8 litres costs Sh3,200.

“The bar which is over 40 years old is full of surprises. We were seated far from the serving area and when we ordered, the barman sent our order via hanging rails and it came straight to our table” he says.

At 9 pm all the waiters change into themed clothes in tune with the music.

“That day, they wore Rasta costumes as the DJ played Caribbean tunes for one hour,” he says.

Joseph’s love for travelling grew from a school club. He was a member of the President’s Award-Kenya that went on expeditions throughout the country.

His participation in the 1998 US Embassy bomb rescue earned him a free ticket to the US to represent Kenya at the International Congress for Youth Voices. From this visit, he quickly learnt that money ends, but memories last. So he added more countries to his travel bucket list.

“This bar is a must-see if you enjoy unique bars and love adventure,” Joseph says.