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Huduma Centre digital services net 81pc of users


People waiting to be served at Huduma Centre. FILE PHOTO | NMG

The majority of Kenyans are aware of e-government services, as the country moves to shift all services on online platforms.

A report on Kenya’s digital economy by a global advisory firm Dalberg has shown 49 percent of Kenyans use e-governance platforms, with 81 percent using Huduma Centres for support with digital services.

This comes as the government digitised services such as visa application, tax returns with e-visa and iTax respectively, renewal of driver’s licence and business registration through the e-Citizen online portal and Huduma Centres in counties.

Digitising government services aims to improve service delivery, boost revenues, the ease of doing business and increase global competitiveness.

The State is also rolling out digital identity cards — Huduma Nambas to access service, and travel documents.

“This confirms that Kenyans are receptive to expanding and deepening their digital usage and are benefiting from efforts to make digital services more accessible,’’ the report stated.

“Although the Huduma Namba digital ID scheme is still in early stages of operationalisation, 45 percent of Kenyans anticipate that it can make improvements in accessing and using digital services, while 19 percent of Kenyans are yet to be convinced of its value for this purpose.”

However, the majority 58 percent cited the lack of Huduma Centres in the neighbourhood, in less populated urban areas.

Another 58 percent said they had lost working hours due to visiting Huduma Centres, while 51 percent had to wait in long queues to receive service.

The report shows Kenya’s digital divide has narrowed with cheaper options of Internet and devices.