NMS to tighten screws on private garbage collectors


Garbage collectors ferry refuse for disposal. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) will introduce new laws to rein in private garbage collectors at a time many such groups are accused of littering.

The new regulations seek to control who can dump garbage on gazetted collection points across the capital.

NMS Director General Major General Mohamed Badi said most private garbage collectors have been dumping solid waste at the collection points instead of the Dandora site.

Private collectors do this to avoid the long distance to the Dandora dumpsite as well as fees charged to dispose solid waste at the city's main dumping site.

Most of the private garbage collectors operate in city estates where they collect solid waste from houses at a fee.

Disposing solid waste at the Dandora dumpsite attracts a charge of Sh1,000 per tonne at the weighbridge.

"We are coming up with new regulations on who can dump in the gazetted garbage collection points," said Mr Badi.

"We have had private collectors using the gazetted collection points instead of Dandora to make their work easier," he added.

The move to come up with the regulations, he pointed out, is to control how garbage is disposed in Nairobi.

"Once those laws are in place then we will be able to make all the points public. With our experience with the gazetted points, we did not want to go full blast as people would be coming to the gazetted points instead of going to Dandora to dump collected waste," he said.

The NMS boss said the gazetted points in the estate will reduce the areas where people dump their garbage in the capital city with garbage having been accumulating across Nairobi as people avoid the distance to Dandora dumpsite as well as the dumping costs there.