Equip youths with skills-based training to curb joblessness

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Participants at a youth leaders’ forum at the KICC. PHOTO | JENNIFER MUIRURI | NMG

Our country comprises youths as the largest percentage of the population similar to any other developing economy.

Despite the fact that Kenya has been experiencing some form of economic growth, youth unemployment is still a major headache.

One of the common factors leading to this ever-growing issue is the shortage of skilled labour in the informal sector.

As a result, many youths have engaged in some form of illegal activities to make ends meet. Others have indulged in drugs and substance abuse.

The rising number of unemployed university graduates clearly shows that education in itself will not solve the unemployment crisis.

Since youths play an integral role in our economy’s growth, the government should be committed to empowering them through key interventions in preparation for future employment.

It needs to set aside and provide more funds for technical and vocational education and training.

It also has the obligation of supporting the creative sector and investing heavily in initiatives that equip youths with the right skills to improve infrastructure and nurture talent.

Employers also need to collaborate with training institutions to provide practical training focusing on demand-driven skills and as a result, there will be the creation of a pool of skilled workers.

With the new government under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, youth unemployment should be taken seriously. It should ensure all available opportunities reach the youths on time.

Wafula Meshack