Let's help political losses to manage their mental health

mental health

Although an election is a formal way of making decisions via a process where wananchi call the shots, it can turn out to be a great mental anguish for losers.

With winners from senators, governors, members of parliament and county assembly having received their results, those who fared badly have been left feeling overwhelmed, anxious, angry and at times helpless given enormous resources that go into campaigning.

The anxiety attacks among losers is a normal reaction to uncertain events such as elections results from the IEBC after spending a lot of money to woo voters.

For some, this period comes with uncertainty about the future and changes in what we consider our normal lives. This can thus in a greater way heighten feelings of anxiety and even trigger some disorder to both the candidates and the supporters.

Suicidal thoughts among then is not so far-fetched, especially in situations where family offer little support. It is very important that the society should aim at giving assistance to those who are at the greatest risk of mental health.

Family and relationship conflicts during the electioneering period are not uncommon among relatives and friends. Differing political opinions if not handled with open-mindedness can affect relationships greatly.

It should also be noted that losers can become withdrawn and more irritable due to stress and feeling of despair and thus should be helped to cope.