A human touch to expert financial advisory

There is this desk at an office in our headquarters where one of our Priority Banking Relationship Managers engages her clients. I like thinking about this desk because if it could talk, it could tell stories of men and women who took up Priority Banking at Standard Chartered Bank expecting this to be “a good bank”. However, it soon dawned on them that this wasn’t just a good bank; this is a Bank that builds unique relationships.

The mahogany desk would tell the story of one of our top-rated relationship managers who has, through the discussions she holds with clients, opened people’s eyes to investment opportunities never envisaged before. “Rather than land and real estate, why can’t you consider some corporate bonds that will give you greater yields sooner?” she will ask. And that has often opened up investment pathways most clients never imagined possible.

She likes telling her clients that relationships at our Bank go beyond your everyday, run-of-the-mill, traditional money in, money out interaction. They go into the nitty-gritty of creating and growing wealth. Not just growing it but also protecting it.

Wealth management conversations often spread into the international realm, where the client is informed of opportunities across the globe. She might ask a question like, “Do you know you too can invest in global blue-chip companies like Google and Amazon and earn a return from it?”

Such questions help her understand the goals of her client. Everyone has an idea of what they want their money to do for them and she will listen carefully as she thinks of a way to tailor-make a certain product to fit exactly what the client needs. If that desk could talk, it could tell you the number of times a client has said, “You get me 100 percent.” It could tell you how clients are allowed to open up and reveal their dreams, fears, targets, and all.

The desk might struggle to count the number of times the relationship manager has told a client that we are here for good, and that means we aren’t short-sighted in the relationships we build or the financial goals we create. We have learnt from experience that thinking long-term is the way to go. When a client is at the desk for their regular review of their investment portfolio, discussions will often be about viability, yield, future opportunities, and such.

And the Relationship Manager on that desk is someone well-trained in this trade. Standard Chartered Bank doesn’t make people relationship managers because it’s a fancy title to hold. He or she must learn all that pertains to the trade and satisfy the Bank that they are worthy of the title.

She is also well-informed because for every client she is in charge of, she has a team behind her. There is a service manager, an investment manager, an insurance specialist and a treasury specialist in her team. They all work together towards ensuring that we meet the client at their point of need.

Why an insurance specialist, you ask? It is because we understand that safeguarding a client’s future as well as that of his/her family, goes hand in hand with growing their wealth.

If that desk could share its experiences, it would paint a picture of the peace of mind our Priority Banking clients enjoy. They know that their priorities get our priority. They know that they can travel across the 66 territories where the Bank operates and still enjoy superior Priority Banking services the same way they do while in Kenya.

Speaking of travel, they appreciate the exclusivity their Visa Infinite debit/credit card gives them by granting them access to over 800 airport lounges around the world. They know that when it comes to foreign exchange conversions, there is a pre-agreed rate, which means they need not look for someone to discuss rates every time.

Often, I find myself looking at that desk, firming up my resolve to encourage more people to partner with Standard Chartered Priority Banking because we are a bank that will walk with you every step of the way.

We would love to sit and engage with you more on how we can make your priorities ours as well. Simply email us at [email protected]

At your service,

Catherine Ayota,
Head of Priority & Premium Banking at Standard Chartered Bank Kenya