Can you invest in a Fortune 500 firm or investment grade bond right from here in Kenya?

StanChart's global expertise in wealth management

Dear investor,

What is the time by your watch, if I may ask?

While you glanced at your wrist or used any other means to tell the time, an investor somewhere on the planet was committing several hundred dollars into the global trading system.

Using advanced tools, they sensed an opportunity somewhere and committed money there. The investor will be monitoring returns in due course from their comfort. That is the kind of investing I am here to talk about.

And did you know that nine in 10 affluent clients in Kenya have set new life goals in the last 18 months, according to a global wealth expectancy report?

Please lend me an ear because this might just transform your long-term investment plans in a way you might never have envisioned before. This is likely to open doors to money you might have never imagined you would make.

I’m talking about earning in foreign currencies. I’m talking about income earned across diverse markets. I’m also talking about living in a global village financially.

Sounds outlandish? It shouldn’t. This is about a unique service that one of the tier I banks in Kenya is offering its clients.

Those we’ve spoken with about this service often remark, “Why didn’t I know this earlier?”

And what I have observed is that whenever a client starts investing through this service, they will invest again and again. We have seen our clients diversify beyond their property investments to include global funds and even government bonds, local and internationally.

It is that good.

Now, how does someone get into this?

Suppose Ghana were issuing a Eurobond; how would you invest if interested? How would you even know about it? If Qatar were raising funds for the World Cup preparations, how can you reach that market? How can I capture the growth in top global tech companies or invest in healthcare? How can you tell it is a good deal? How would you tap into that?

Standard Chartered Investment Services Ltd, a subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank, has got you covered. Being an international bank, we bring our global financial knowledge and expertise into one place. To give you unique access to invest in any Fortune 500 company and virtually any company in top markets in the world from right here in Kenya.

Our service gives you access to top global fund managers from investment houses like Blackrock, Allianz, to mention but a few. We analyse all these investment opportunities and present the most suitable ones for you.

What is more exciting is that all this happens through our SC Mobile App.

Before we present these opportunities to you, we would like to know you better and understand your investment style. This free service, in the form of a short questionnaire, allows us to rank your attitude towards investments from 1 to 6, with one representing a risk-averse investor and six revealing a very aggressive one. This helps us determine the most suitable opportunities to present you with.

Investing as little as US$100 monthly or US$1,000 in lumpsum, you can make returns through a wide range of investment opportunities. 

Would you wish to know more about how you can have a piece of the global economy at the tip of your fingers, facilitated by a bank with global expertise? Please email [email protected]. We are open for business.

Yours sincerely,

Edith Chumba,
Head of Consumer, Private and Business Banking - Kenya and East Africa

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