CA invites bids for quality of service monitoring system

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Director-General Francis Wangusi. file photo | nmg
Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Director-General Francis Wangusi. file photo | nmg 

The telecommunications sector is inching closer to tougher regulations after the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) began searching for a company to implement new rules.

In a notice Tuesday, the regulator said it was in the market looking for a company to supply, deliver and install a quality of service (QoS) monitoring system.

CA has over the last two years been reviewing its QoS standards with the aim of expanding its oversight role and introducing more stringent requirements for telecom and internet service providers.

The draft regulations propose the expansion of CA oversight to data and SMS services in addition to the existing checks on the quality of voice services. CA’s current QoS report covers the three largest telecom operators.

However, the new regulations would rope in internet service providers such as Jamii Telecom and Liquid Telecom. In addition, an annual customer satisfaction survey will become part of the new metric.

The regulator currently requires the companies to meet the 80 per cent quality benchmark on eight key indicators.

None of the operators met the quality benchmark in the CA’s last report and they were levied a total of Sh190 million. Safaricom has, however, disputed the manner in which the CA carries out the study.

This is the second time that the CA is calling for an independent company to carry out the survey. An earlier attempt was suspended with the regulator citing procurement challenges.

The CA is also looking to expand its oversight on quality of service beyond telecommunication.