Digital technology improves sanitation in Nairobi’s slums

Mr David Auerbach, who is one of the brains
Mr David Auerbach, who is one of the brains behind Sanergy. PHOTO | WILLIAM OERI 

It is a cloudy day in Mukuru, one of the vast informal settlements in Nairobi. The skies threaten to open up as grey clouds stretch into the horizon.

In the past, residents dreaded such weather as the rains would wash away human waste from clogged toilets and open defection areas.

This would pollute the environment, contaminate water and lead to the spread of waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera, leading to loss of lives especially among young children.

Such incidents have now been greatly reduced following the establishment of low-cost improved sanitation facilities, branded as Fresh Life Toilets, by a company known as Sanergy.