Britam offers patients mobile phone treatment service

Jackson Theuri
Jackson Theuri, acting chief executive officer Britam General Insurance. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Britam Insurance #ticker:BRIT has rolled out a short message service (SMS) consultation platform for patients to access medical advice on the back of the social distancing protocols aimed at curbing spread of coronavirus.

Individuals and workers under the insurer’s outpatient scheme will get online diagnosis from doctors through texts whose charges, however, remain undisclosed.

Britam said the service is cheaper and targets low-income patients and those in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) sector.

The service comes at a time health facilities are urging patients to consult doctors virtually and only visit facilities when directed by the same in efforts to minimise physical contact and curb spread of the respiratory disease.

“Over the years, Britam has invested heavily in IT… we are able to leverage our top class IT capability and partner with Strathmore University to provide seamless medical services to our clients,” said Jackson Theuri, acting chief executive officer Britam General Insurance.


Patients will upon completion of the diagnosis, which will be done via phone calls, enjoy home deliveries of medicine to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus in line with the State directive on social distancing as well as cut on gatherings in all public and private facilities to reduce infections.

Kenya has reported 5,206 Covid-19 cases, and 130 deaths so far.

“To access the Tele-health services, clients will not be required to have smartphones, as prescriptions will be sent as an SMS link which can be downloaded at the pharmacy,” said Britam. Home-based medical care is gaining currency under Covid-19, which has forced much of the world’s population to stay at home.

Developers have come up with mobile apps where customers start by requesting medical assistance. They get paired with the closest medical officer or doctor, depending on their complaint. After a triage call, the health professional travels to the patient.