Canadian regulator to analyse Silverstone flight data in mishap probe

Fokker 50 plane
An emergency fire truck next to the ill-fated Fokker 50 plane at Wilson Airport. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The Transport Safety Board (TSB) of Canada will analyse flight recordings taken from a Silverstone aircraft that skidded off the runway at Wilson Airport in a move that will help finalise the government’s investigation into the October 11 incident.

This is according to a preliminary report released Wednesday by Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary James Macharia that points to engine failure as the likely cause.

The report by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Department (AAID) says that while on ground roll, the left engine’s ‘interstate turbine temperature fluctuated’ prompting the crew to abort take-off.

“Unable to stop on the paved surface, the aircraft overran the runway and came to rest on soft ground,” reads the report.

The government says it has also notified regulators in the Netherlands and the UK as the States of manufacture of the aircraft’ equipment as per international rules, as well as the International Civil Aviation Organization.


The Fokker 50 was just about to take off to the coastal city of Mombasa. Witnesses said that the plane plunged into a thicket, hitting some trees and breaking part of its wing, before being grounded, tilting to one side.

Residents of neighbouring Park Estate said they heard a thud when the plane hit the ground. This was then followed by sirens and strobe lights from ambulances and fire brigades.

This was the second mishap involving the airline within a month after another Silverstone Air flight Dash 8-300 lost one of its tyres when it took off from Lodwar Airstrip.

In the incident, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Eldoret. Silverstone did not respond to requests for comment on the government report by press time.