Davis & Shirtliff bets on solar-powered pumps


Davis and Shirtliff chairman Alec Davis. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Davis & Shirtliff is betting on solar-powered water pumps priced from Sh50,000 to connect more rural homes to clean water without depending on electricity.

The firm has developed a wide range of solar pumps dubbed, Dayliff Sunflow, that come with photovoltaic (PV) modules, pump and all accessories for a complete installation. The pumps require as low as 150 watts to operate.

The water and energy solutions provider firm has traditionally been supplying water pumps that are powered by electricity but says many households has found them to be costly to operate.

Davis & Shirtliff chairman Alec Davis says the solar-powered pumps eliminate operating costs that are associated with running diesel and electric powered generators.

“Benefits of this new solution are huge with capital costs of the pumps being lower than traditional hand pumps and providing totally cost and maintenance free operation – systems simply start with the sun and pump all day,” said Mr Davis.

Standard range solar pumps provide outputs of up to 12,000 litres per day, meaning that a single installation can support several households depending on their daily water-usage levels.