Firm launches new Always pads after user complaints

Always sanitary pads
Always sanitary pads. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Procter and Gamble (P & G) has introduced a new sanitary towel under the Always brand, the launch coming after consumers complained on social media about the company’s existing pads.

The towel dubbed Always Feather Soft looks to address the concerns raised by consumers last year, which led to investigation of the products by Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs), the quality watchdog.

It is retailing at Sh85 for a standard pack.

“We want to assure our consumers that we have spent the last few months listening to their concerns, demands, and opinions about what they want in a pad and we have brought a new product that we hope will meet their needs,” said Ivy Kimani, Always brand manager at P & G Kenya.

According to the firm, Always Feather Soft contains “a new improved top sheet that provides feather softness; a new ventilation system that allows for ultimate breathability and advanced channels that keeps the pad in place and prevents bunching”.


P & G also announced the addition of the Always Pure range, which will launch in the country in the coming months.

Users of Always sanitary pads had taken to social media stating that the product was causing general discomfort, including rashes, burning and irritation.

They also raised concerns that locally sold pads were of inferior quality compared to those sold in Europe and North America, a claim that P & G has refuted in statements.

The company, whose product range in Kenya includes Always Ultra-Thin, Always Maxi Thick, Always Ultra Soft, Always Maxi Soft, and Always Platinum, however acknowledged that a section of its users had negative reactions to the pads.