Uber sponsors Nairobi traffic data research

Uber head of policy Cezanne Maherali.
Uber head of policy Cezanne Maherali. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA 

Uber’s free urban transportation planning tool, Uber Movement, has partnered with data science competition platform dubbed Zindi to encourage African innovators to come up with solutions for Nairobi’s transport challenges.

The US tech firm’s unit will sponsor the competition that is currently ongoing till January 2019, with the top prize winner set to bag Sh1.2 million.

“Nairobi is historically one of the most congested cities in the world and with efficient use of public transportation, there is a huge potential to mitigate this traffic.

“However, in order for this to be successful more insights into passenger behaviour is needed, which we strongly believe can be accomplished through this competition,” said Uber East Africa’s Public policy senior manager Cezanne Maherali.

The aim is to challenge data scientists to predict demand for public transportation routes in cities where Uber operates by extracting and creating their own data sets using the Uber Movement tool that was rolled out in Kenya earlier this year.