Focus on what you can control and let go what you can’t

Focus on what you can change or control and let go of those you cannot.
Focus on what you can change or control and let go of those you cannot. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

A young man was desperate to know what was written in his destiny, so he went out to seek wisdom from the wise. After a lot of searching, he was advised to meet an old wise man at the cave. Since everyone spoke highly about the wise man, the young man was very eager and anxious to meet him. He trekked for a long time before he could find the cave and in there the old wise man.

The old wise man had a very brief chat with the young man and said, “Go to the village square and look around closely and your future will be revealed.”

The young man was disappointed and unsure as to how the village square that he passes by everyday would reveal what’s in his destiny.

But he still wanted to go and find out, so he went back and looked around the village square and found a bunch of shops selling metal, wood, wires and so on.

The young man got furious and went back to the cave to express his disappointment. But he did not find the wise man, so he shouted and shouted until his echoes worried him. He left the cave furiously.


Soon this entire incident lost its significance, yet the sight of those shops kept flashing every now and then, which made the young man more furious. A few days later he was travelling somewhere when he heard a melodious instrumental tune of an instrument.

He went closer to where the music was coming from and realised that the music was coming from an instrument made of wood, strings and metal.

Soon the young man’s mind wandered to the past when he was at the village square that night when he met the old wise man. Out of all the shops at the village square, the three shops that distinctly flashed his mind were the shops selling wood, strings and metal. As a child he always dreamt of being a musician and learnt music for long before he set out to become a trader. The signal was clear, music was his calling. He picked the signal and worked on it and went on to become a great musician.

Look back to connect the dots: The present changes the past. Looking back, you may not find what you left behind but you would definitely get signals.

When you keenly watch the signals, you would be able to connect the dots. Let go of what you cannot control: There are many things that you can control and many you cannot.

Focus on what you can change or control and let go of those you cannot. There is no such thing as an endless chase, let go and free your mind and soul. Allow yourself to be vulnerable: Vulnerability and strength go hand in hand.

Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, but it is how life prepares you to be strong. Vulnerability teaches you to change, create and innovate. Everybody is unique.

Few may have some advantage over others, but each one has enough opportunities provided; it is how we take those opportunities and chase what’s worth it that makes all the difference.

Sriram Bharatam is the Founder & Chief Mentor of Kuza Biashara Limited, a capacity-building organization coaching youth & SME owner across Africa. He can be reached @Sbharatam or [email protected]