Make 2018 the year of racing past your imagined hurdles


A wise man and his disciple were walking across a deserted village, where they met a poor family. The house was in a dilapidated state. Though they had not much hope of getting anything there, since they were hungry and thirsty, they stopped for a few hours.

To their surprise they were well received. The wise man enquired, “This is a very poor place, far away from anything. How do you survive?” The head of the family said, “You see that cow? That’s what keeps us going.”

The wife interrupted and said “The cow gives us milk, some of it we drink and some we make into cheese. When there is extra, we go into the city and exchange the milk and cheese for other types of food. That’s how we survive.”

The wise man thanked them for their hospitality and left. In the night, the wise man ordered the disciple to go back and push the cow off the cliff.

They both left the place and never returned until a decade later. When they returned, out of curiosity the duo looked for the family.

There was a beautiful house, a car and other luxuries on the same spot. He found a family celebrating there. When he inquired, the family narrated their rags-to-riches story.

“We had a cow that kept us alive. She was all we had. But one day she fell down the cliff and died. To survive, we had to start doing other things, develop skills we didn’t even know we had. And so, because we were forced to come up with new ways of doing things, we are now much better off than before.”

Turn adversity into wealth

  1. Realise your own value: You are the greatest gift that you have been given to you. It’s only when you realise your own value that you can make progress in life.
  2. Prepare yourself mentally: Free yourself from the prison of your own thoughts and negativity. Set yourself free and break free from the limitations.
  3. Focus time and energy: Focus your time and energy on your goals, on the outcomes and not the obstacles. Ruthlessly go after your dreams, and keep moving towards your goals.
  4. Detoxify yourself: Free yourself from your past mistakes, forgive yourself for what you have done or have gone through. Today is a new day and a fresh chance to start life all over again.
  5. Surround yourself with positivity: You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. Look for positivity in each day, in each incident and each person.