This is a chance for us to reflect and set priorities

Ensure you are connected to people who are important, be it your family, friends, colleagues or peers. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

A young man had a small job that kept him busy most of the time. He had very little time for his wife as he was busy juggling between his work and his evening class which he pursued in the hope of getting him a bigger job. In a few years, he graduated and got himself a better job. As he came home with the news, his wife also had a piece of news to share with him, that they were soon to be parents. He was double thrilled but soon, he thought to himself that he has to work harder to be able to support his family.

So, he started working extra shifts and going for additional coaching that could help him get a bigger job. As time passed, on his home front, his three children grew up and on his work front, his responsibilities kept growing. His family started complaining that he was not spending enough time with them. Every time they complained, he assured that he was doing it at all for them so that they could live happily and comfortably. He even went ahead to engage a house help who could help the wife in her day to day work.

As his children grew up, he wanted to give them the best of the education so he worked harder so that he could get a promotion. A promotion means bigger pay and bigger responsibilities, he thought to himself, but he was determined to give his children the best. So, he went ahead working harder.

Every time the family complained that he was not spending enough time with them, he assured them that he was doing it all for them so that they could get the best of the education. He even got a luxurious new home. Time passed by and the children went abroad for education. Now, he and his wife were alone in the house. The wife pleaded that it is now time for him to spend some time with her. The man said, he did not wish to trouble his children during their old age for their medical and other expenses. So, he continued to work hard and be busy.

After a few years, when he came home on Christmas Eve, he was surprised to find his children and their family who wanted to surprise him. That night he declared to the family that he worked hard all his life and now it was time for him to spend time with his family and so he decided to retire from his work. All he wanted to do from tomorrow is to spend time with his wife, children and grandchildren. Saying so he bid goodbye to go to sleep and never woke up.


While we are all busy in our lives, it is important to note that we need to set our priorities. With all of us leading a busy life, we somehow tend to forget our basics. And it is in such times that life shakes us up. As the coronavirus has started to affect our personal and professional lives, with social distancing being the norm of the day, it is time for us to reflect on our priorities and utilise this time to balance between our work and our life.

Maintain routines: Some people may find working remotely a bit challenging especially as they are used to working in larger groups and teams or even those in smaller teams but who are used to working in a more structured environment. The best way to deal with this is to maintain routines, maintain a routine for work, for family and your own self.

Keep the communication on: Being transparent is the best way to avoid conflict and stress. Communicate well and often with your managers, peers and your family about how you are organising your work so that you plan your and others’ expectations.

Find opportunities to bond: Ensure you are connected to people who are important, be it your family, friends, colleagues or peers. Connect virtually and check-in if there are ways you can help each other in this hour of need. Till we fight this crisis, stay safe and sane.