Ups and downs are what make life worth living

goodness and positivity
Surround yourself with goodness and positivity. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

A young man noticed a group of kids playing every day in a nearby construction site. As he came back tired and frustrated at times from his office each day, the sight of the kids playing and laughing out so happily made him smile. With this kind of becoming a routine, he used to stop by the construction site for a few moments and made an attempt to observe the game keenly as it brought in him a strange feeling of joy. These were boys of the construction workers working on the new shopping mall. And inevitably he used to notice that every day the small boys used to hold on to one another's shirt and play "train-train". Each day someone would take the turn to become the engine and others would become coaches. Every day, these children used to take turns becoming the engine and coaches.

The young man grew so fond of watching this. He noticed that there was one small boy wearing only shorts, which too was torn and worn out. He was the one who used to hold a small green *cloth* in his hand. He seemed to play the role of a railway guard daily. The young man noticed that while all the boys changed their turn, this young boy was always the guard and never changed his position. Out of curiosity, the young man went to the boy and asked him, "I always see you signaling your friends to move the train. Don't you also wish to become an engine or a bogie some time?"

The boy softly replied, "Sir, I don't have a shirt to wear so how will the other children hold me to make the train? So instead of just sitting and watching them play, I thought of taking part in the game by being the guard.”

The now in your life is beautiful and precious: The now of your life is made of the experiences and the moments in your journey of life. The happier you are with your now, the more will you grow your happiness in the future.

Appreciate the ups and downs: Life is beautiful because it is not a plateau, it has its ups and downs. Life can be amazing if we appreciate both the ups and the downs. When we are grateful to all what we get in life, amazing things happen.


Life is full of possibilities: There is no such thing as impossible in life, but nothing comes without effort and dedication. You may succeed sometimes and fail some other times but as they say, life is hard but is not impossible.

Surround yourself with goodness and positivity: Life is surrounded by beautiful things. There is goodness in everything around us, we just need to adjust our vision to see it and make our world better and happier.