Without a clear goal you can be easily distracted


Make it a habit of finishing every project you start to its logical conclusion regardless of the challenges. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Last week in this column we saw why some people’s life looks like as if they are running on a treadmill. They are always busy seemingly working very hard but they remain in the same position of daily struggle. We saw that they suffer from a condition called Shinny Object Syndrome.

Shiny Object Syndrome is a habit of chasing anything that looks like an opportunity without any commitment it. Those with this habit lose interest as soon as they discover that it is not as gloriously as it seemed and start chasing another. The phrase is derived from children habit of being attracted and distracted by shiny objects.

Today we look at how we can avoid this habit that holds so many people captive.

There is no one who does not get excited by new opportunities in life especially to make money or succeed in something one has always desired at a bargain. The problem is if you don’t have a firm goal and a clear path that you want to follow you can easily get distracted by things that look like opportunities but are not.

Therefore, the first step to avoid being a victim of Shiny Object Syndrome is to plan your business or career and stick to your plan. Avoid proposals that take you away from your core area or rather scrutinise them carefully and find out how they are going to impact on your long-term plans.

Do not be greedy and pursue anything that promises quick money or success with little effort. There is no shortcut to success and the best route to success is the one that is known to you and the one that you have taken time to build.

Avoid making quick decision especially the ones that cost you time and money. Always take time to study a proposal and consult widely before investing. Some fraudsters will present you poison packaged as attractive opportunity with timeframe. They would want you to make up your mind very first or lose out. Beware and courageous enough to let them go. There will always be a good opportunity that don’t put pressure on you.

Another way to avoid Shiny Object Syndrome is to draw a line on what you take and what you don’t take regardless how attractive it is. Every human being is created with awesome potential and ability to excel in many areas but not simultaneously. By choosing an area and focusing on it with all your energy rather than spreading yourself thin, you increase your chances of success.

Finally make it a habit of finishing every project you start to its logical conclusion regardless of the challenges. For example, if you develop a product, start a business or embark on implementing a strategy, it is good to appreciate that it may take time before you get the desired results. You will also meet challenges and obstacles on the way. Be patient and persistent rather than give up on the way and pursue another seemingly better and easier way.