Delegating takes you from self-employee to business owner

Effective is delegation is the first step in building business systems. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The two major challenges that nearly every business owner or manager faces today are having too much tasks and little time to accomplish them. The problem is complicated by lack of loyal and competent personal assistants who can help them out.

As a business leader there is a limit to the number of hours you can work in a day without ruining your health or your relationship with family and friends.

‘Make your money work for you’ is common personal finance advice that is very practical. With the right systems, you can save and invest your money in various instruments, some of which will generate passive income over many years. This way you earn money while asleep.

In the same way smart people make money work for them and secure their present and future, you can use certain techniques to increase return on your time. You actually get things done faster and even better while you continue working at a healthy pace.

One of the most basic tools that every manager can use to achieve more is the delegation. By delegating duties and responsibilities you free time and mental space to focus on big things, learning to be a better person and self-improvement.


Some managers complain that delegation does not work well forcing them to do most of the work themselves or spend time monitoring and ensuring the work is done well. This often takes more time and mental energy than doing the work itself.

The reason why this happens mostly is that they delegate to people who are not able to do the job well. The missing link may be error in hiring, training and empowering the person.

Most successful managers hire people who are smarter than them. They train and empower then to make decisions. This is the secret of making delegation work.

As a manager your success will largely depend on hiring people who are smarter than you and being able to delegate most of the things you want done to them.

If you have no one to delegate to because you are the only one who can do a task with the required precision you will have to work long hours and complain that time is not enough.

Through effective delegation you create a strong team that is self-confident, motivated and more productive. People always work hard when they feel they are in control of themselves and their situation.

If you are the business founder, delegation elevates you from a position of self-employee to business owner. As a self-employee, you own a business that has employed you. This means you have to work to earn a living. As a business owner, you own an enterprise that you don’t have to work daily to earn a living.

Effective is delegation is the first step in building business systems ensuring your business outlives you or in the event that you are incapacitated in one way or another, your business operates normally.