What Kenyan women want in maternal healthcare


Ms Angela Nguku, White Ribbon Alliance-Kenya country director. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Water, sanitation and hygiene top the list of services Kenyan women desire in maternal and reproductive healthcare.

The results of the latest global survey by the White Ribbon Alliance also shows that the women also want menstrual health, medicine and supplies, transport infracture and ethical, lawful and secure care to be included in maternal and reproductive healthcare programmes.

More than 120,000 Kenyan respondents took part in the the survey, dubbed What Women Want Campaign, which sought opinions of 1.2 million from 114 countries about their needs for quality reproductive and maternal healthcare.

Overall, a majority of the respondents said that the services were often unsanitary, undignified and under-equipped.

Angela Nguku, the White Ribbon Alliance Kenya founder and country director, said the survey overwhelmingly shows that women want to be treated with respect and compassion.

“They also want a dignified experience, which includes access to clean health facilities with running water, indoor toilets and enough supplies for their health needs,” Ms Nguku said.

Other demands are family planning information, full functioning health services, and food nutrition information.

Ms Nguku said that the demands are not luxurious as they can be the difference between survival and death during childbirth.

“All women have a right to these fundamental aspects of safe and respectful healthcare, no matter who they are or where they live,” she said.

White Ribbon Alliance seeks to increase collaboration between citizens and governments to identify reproductive and maternal health challenges and solutions.