Britania takes easy steps to catch customers’ eye

Britania CEO Robert Kagundah
Britania Foods CEO Robert Kagundah sampling some of the company's products. PHOTO | COURTESY 

Food and beverage company Britania Foods in January this year launched a one-year marketing campaign that has so far attracted over 125 participants.

The campaign offers consumers a chance to win a birthday party for their child in a poster containing persuasive words such as ‘easy’ to attract consumers’ attention. Research shows words such as ‘easy’ can also influence purchase behaviour.

The red-coloured advertisement poster which reads, ‘WIN A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR YOUR CHILD IN TWO EASY STEPS’ is an attention grabber.

The words are written in bold capital letters, with animations around it and party themes such as balloons and garland vectors indicating a birthday party.

“The visuals used are light and playful to catch attention and easily communicate that it is a children’s product. On social media, brands have seconds to capture their audience’s attention,” said Robert Kagundah, CEO, Britania Foods Ltd.

“So the right visual easily draws in the target group, engaging them, then the deal is sealed with the right words.”

Consumers are then tasked to follow Britania Foods on its social media pages, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and then tell a story of the funniest family event that they have ever experienced.

These are the two easy steps that can give consumers a chance to win the birthday party for their child. Using Facebook as its main platform for the campaign has helped Britania connect with its target group.

“We have so far received over 125 entries from parents who want their kids to win the birthday parties and we see that number getting to thousands as its popularity soars. Our initial plan was to have one birthday party a month but it has generated enormous interest that we are now planning to actually have four parties a month, that is one each week,” said Kagundah.

“Our role was to ensure we get our customer`s attention. The word ‘easy’ by itself is a call to action to get involved. Human nature is that we repeal complexities.”

Experts say when words such as easy are used in an advertisement, they depict simplicity as well as speed and therefore, it can attract consumers to perform a task.

According to a research paper titled The Power of Words: Advertising Tricks of the Trade by Richard F. Taflinger, a Professor in the Communication department at Washington State University, words used in advertising can have instant impact on consumers.

They can inform, persuade, get a brands’ point across or kill an idea before it is even embraced in the market.

“When using words in advertising it is best to consider how to achieve the most impact on your audience including influencing purchase behaviour. If the words used do not have an impact there is no point in writing them,” said Taflinger.

“Of greater importance, particularly in advertising, is the emotional understanding of certain words by consumers, what each individual conjures up in their mind in response to hearing or reading the word.”

Among other words that have been found to attract consumers attention according to research by US cloud computing company, Salesforce, include ‘limited’, as it implies exclusivity and scarcity, thereby getting consumers excited in being part of a select group that own something.

Another is ‘sale’ which implies that consumers are getting a good deal out of a product that costs higher and ‘instantly’ which taps into the human nature of want things immediately.

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