New-look Guinness packaging unveiled

Thierry Henry
Football legend and former Arsenal striker, Thierry Henry takes selfies with his fans at KCB Ruaraka grounds on 15th December 2017. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Beer maker Kenya Breweries has unveiled its new-look Guinness packaging.

The 300ml and 500ml bottles and six–pack cans were unveiled at the Guinness Fanzone event in Nakuru last week. The event also marked the start of the 2018-19 English Premier League season.

The launch of the distinctively and easily recognisable packages follows similar moves in 2013 and 2014 where Kenya was the first market to experience the new packs.

“We are always looking to provide incredible football experiences for Guinness consumers and our Fanzone Experiences do just that with a great combination of football, entertainment and food. “We intend to visit more locations across the country organising even more extraordinary Fanzone experiences as only Guinness can,” said Janice Kemoli, Head of Beer at Kenya Breweries Limited.

Last year, local football fans got a chance to interact with legendary French striker Thierry Henry during a Fanzone event in Nairobi. The re-branding comes months after other players entered the local market seeking to cut Kenya Breweries’ dominance. The Kenyan market is the brewer’s biggest contributor to its East African revenues, with 73 per cent for the year ended June.

Its beer revenues also grew by nine per cent, Guinness being one of the leading brands.

Warsteiner beer of Germany and Faxe Gold of Denmark were launched in June, while Namibia’s Windhoek returned in April through partnership with Kapari Limited, after a two year absence.