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NLC to carry out third land valuation for Homa Bay airstrip expansion

 James Macharia
Transport Secretary James Macharia. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The National Land Commission (NLC) has directed the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) to submit a new list of parcels of land to be acquired for upgrade of Kabunde Airstrip in Homa Bay.

This will be the third land valuation exercise the NLC is undertaking for upgrade of the airstrip aimed at boosting domestic air travel.

The cost of compulsory land acquisition for the second valuation carried in 2016 was Sh106.6 million, a 60.1 percent increase from the Sh42.4 million arrived at on the first valuation in 2013.

On May 20, the KAA surrendered titles it had collected from affected landowners after they threatened to sue following delays in their compensation.

Transport Secretary James Macharia told the National Assembly Transport committee that the KAA wrote to the NLC in June requesting appointment of a valuer for the affected parcels.


“Further to a meeting held with the acting Head of Valuation, and the NLC on July 9 2019, the Authority (KAA) is required to submit the following documents prior to commencement of the valuation exercise,” said Mr Macharia.

Under the instructions, the KAA is required to submit list of parcels categorised as either whole or partial acquisition.

The KAA is also expected to provide the registry map indicating the current acreage of the airstrip together with the area to be acquired. The KAA intends to extend the existing length runway from 1.2km to 1.7km to accommodate large aircraft.

The Authority commenced the process of acquisition of the estimated 141 acres of land in Kabunde in 2012.

The process has however not concluded following disputes on figures arrived at by the government valuers as was indicated on the valuation schedule.

There has also been delays in the succession process for issuance of Grant of Letters of Administration for deceased landowners.

Another hitch has been a dispute between the KAA and the county government on payment of outstanding sums arising from the construction of the terminal building.

In April, the affected land owners took to the streets demanding that the KAA settles their dues before construction works start on the Kabunde Airstrip.