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Building of Sh30bn Mau Mau road to start next month

James Macharia
Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary James Macharia. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Construction of the 540km Mau Mau road that will traverse the counties of Kiambu, Murang’a, Nyeri and Nyandarua is set to start.

The highway is one of the major government projects this year and it will be implemented at a cost of Sh30 billion, with construction scheduled to take three years.

Last week, the government road agency, Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), announced a series of sensitisation rallies for the people in the targeted areas ahead of the start of the project next month.

In an exclusive interview with the Shipping and Logistics, KeNHA Assistant Director, Corporate Communication, Charles Njogu said the sensitisation meetings follow a visit in December to the region by Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary James Macharia.

“The CS toured the targeted areas to see for himself the preparedness and all the plans are ready and construction is to commence next month,” said Mr Njogu.


The highway, to be called Mau Mau Road, will traverse the Aberdares Belt and adjacent areas. There will also be a link road to Njabini in Nyandarua County, and to Naivasha. There will be another link road from Kimende to Mai Mahiu, according to the road agency.

“The total length of roads to be developed under the programme is 540Km at an estimated cost of Sh30 billion, an average of about Sh55 million per kilometre. The construction of these roads will take approximately three years (36 months),” said the CS.

“The government is currently in the process of awarding tenders for the construction of these roads,” said Mr Macharia.

Mr Njogu said the road will be in several sections which will begin with lot 1A in Kiambu county where the road will start at Gataka, along the Kiambu-Limuru road and goes north through Gitiha-Iria-in-Kagaa-Matimbei to Kamahindi with the entire road project measuring about 105km.

“Lot 1B is still in Kiambu county and this section forms part of the larger road network along the Aberdare forest which is a major tea growing zones. The project starts at Kamahindu along Githunguri, Kimende, Gatamaiyu, Nduriri, Kagungo, Nyanduma, Wangui, Mundoro, Gaitete, Gacharage, Kuri, Kamunyka, Raini, Kariminu, Mataara and ends at Gatakaini. The entire project road is approximately 112km,” said Mr Njogu.

Lot 2 of the road construction will be in Muranga County where the project will start at Mairi through Kinyona, Mununga, Ichichi, Thuthu, Wanjere, Kagongo, Mioro, Kiamuturi and ends at Kairo.

Lot 3 of the road will be in Nyeri County where the road passes through Kairo, Ngaru, Kabebero, Kihome, Kirangi, Munyange, Gituiga, Ihithe, Wndumbi, Gatumbero, Kigogo, Ini-Huhoni, Gaithuri, Gathathini, Sunset, Chania/Kambi, Miagayuini, Kahigaini, Njoguini, Ihururu, Nyarugumu, Kihuyo and ends at Njengo. The total road sections are 109km.

While addressing the residents of Kinyona, Mr Macharia said the the Kinyona–Gatare–Njabini road will connect Murang’a and Nyandarua counties, providing major economic development opportunities.

“Trade within the two counties will be significantly enhanced. Gatakaini–Njabini road will make a direct link between the two counties. Naivasha–Njabini road will improve the link between Nakuru and Nyandarua counties further enhancing trade opportunities in the counties and beyond,” he said in December.

“Important market centres including Naivasha, Njabini, Kinyona, and Gatura will be well interconnected with tarmac roads.”