Compulynx’s new retail software to cut clients’ costs


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  • Compulynx’s Next Generation Retail Suite(NEXX) will see One Vasco’s clients enjoy access to a cloud-based managed and maintained IT platform.

Software developer, Compulynx has completed installation of its latest cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) retail solution for its Dubai-based customer, One Vasco in 120 locations in 30 countries.

Compulynx’s Next Generation Retail Suite(NEXX) will see One Vasco’s clients enjoy access to a cloud-based managed and maintained IT platform, thereby helping them defray costs usually spent on data security as well as maintenance of own servers.

The new deployment marks a shift in Compulynx’s operations where it is replacing the CORE Retail Solution that ran on the older client server technology deployed in 400 retail outlets across the globe by One Vasco, in favour of NEXX.

Speaking in Dubai, UAE when they handed over the project to One Vasco, NEXX product owner and Compulynx head of retail practice Siddesh Narkar said they had successfully upgraded and migrated One Vasco’s offering within 90 days.

"The cloud-ready retail suite has now been deployed and One Vasco’s team trained on monitoring, deployment and maintenance of NEXX,” said Mr Narkar.

One Vasco head of IT, Jaishankar Seetharaman said their systems had also been overhauled with the migration done seamlessly without disrupting clients’ operations.

“The migration happened with minimum, if not zero, disruption to our business and service to our customers. Both One Vasco and Compulynx teams meticulously planned the migration ensuring no business disruption,” he said.

In a statement, the two companies said clients in 120 locations benefited from the phased migration.

“New customers will reap business benefits of accessing secure and affordable technology without investing in costly IT infrastructure by deploying NEXX for their retail businesses,” said the statement.

Technology advancements demand reinvention of product architectures to enhance security and the same deployed to customers as an easy-to-use customisable platform.

“Compulynx is no exception to this pressure, as the urge came from its most advanced and forward looking customer. One Vasco challenged Compulynx to migrate its platform from client-server to cloud that saw Compulynx redesign and re-engineer its retail suite on the cloud architecture giving birth to the cloud-based NEXX,” it said.

One Vasco becomes the first global client to migrate its operations onto the cloud-based NEXX Retail Suite.

CompuLynx has offices across East Africa and the United Arab Emirates, serving 400 companies in 36 countries.