Digital health records firm sets base in Nairobi

BlueCloud Africa
BlueCloud Africa will digitise and avail health records when needed by both patients and their doctors. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

A US healthcare and clinical research company providing cloud-based patient records management services has opened its Nairobi hub with a planned expansion across East Africa.

BlueCloud Africa, founded by patient survivors, said it will work with public and private sector healthcare providers to digitise and avail health records when needed by both patients and their doctors.

BlueCloud Africa Manager Yonnie Otieno said BlueCloud’s Delivery, Distribution and Implementation (DDI innovations will enable local health institutions to digitise all health records on physical space and manpower hired to handle physical files that are kept at local registries.

"We are leveraging BlueCloud’s DDI innovations to help Kenya modernise its local health systems for the benefit of sponsor/Contract Research Organisation’s hospitals, sites, investigators, common and rare disease patient networks among other local industry stakeholders,” she said.

BlueCloud President Al O. Pacino said their new establishment in Nairobi paves the way for local hospitals, medical laboratories and research organisations to plug in into the global healthcare and clinical research ecosystem that will see them improve the healthcare and clinical research industry for the patients’ benefit.


“This process has been proven to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in order to improve human subject protection and patient safety,” said President Pacino.

BlueCloud has been under development for the past 16 years, evolving into an accepted DDI innovation that can be easily rolled out across countries for better healthcare systems.

BlueCloud’s Connector Service Provider (CSP) and its DDI mechanisms interlink healthcare providers to consumers for business while upholding confidentiality.

In a statement, BlueCloud said healthcare providers will be at liberty to expand their services, products, and specialties to consumer institutions with ease.