New app looks to make learning more interesting

Somasmart Innovator Joseph Chacha
Somasmart Innovator Joseph Chacha with pupils in his premises. PHOTO | COURTESY 

Want to make your child’s learning more captivating? There is a new app that seeks to do precisely that.

SomaSmart, the brainchild of Joseph Chacha, aims at advancing the delivery of digital curriculum by means of animation and simulation in a virtual learning environment.

The app, available on Google Play Store, enable learners to access content based on the new Kenyan curriculum tailor-made for pre-school and primary school pupils.

“The whole new learning experience can be accessed online using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a desktop at,” says Mr Chacha.

Instead of children using their gadgets just for playing games and watching cartoons, parents can subscribe to the e-learning platform.


Mr Chacha, a graduate from Africa Nazarene University, says he partnered with a professional teacher to help provide the relevant content in line with the current curriculum.

“At a very affordable rate, SomaSmart provides teachers and learners with content that goes far beyond the classroom setting, offering true educational value that raises the learning ability of every learner,” he says.

Since its launch in June 2019, the platform has already hit 5,000 subscribers.

To access all subject content and questions, SomaSmart charges Sh349 per term per student while subscription to a package for an entire school can be subsidised to as low as Sh120, depending on the number of students enrolled.

‘The platform caters for every learner’s unique ability by helping them to reach their true potential and preparing them for success in their schooling,” says Mr Chacha.

With SomaSmart, he says, learners do not have to stop learning when tutors stop teaching. Children can log onto the app at their own time and pleasure, whenever and wherever, using android or IOS devices.

“For teachers, SomaSmart offers a flexible solution for their teaching needs anywhere they are, allowing them to plan in advance, set work for their learners and assess their progress,” Mr Chacha says.

He notes that teachers can get tailor-made lesson plans, interesting teaching and learning activities that will enrich their lessons.

The subjects covered include Mathematics, Kiswahili, CRE, Environmental, Arts and Design, Hygiene and Nutrition, Social Studies, Psychomotor, Music, as well as creative and literacy activities for pre-primary, lower primary and upper primary pupils.

To maintain its operation and efficiency, SomaSmart has a team of 12 dedicated professionals who work on it round the clock including teachers, animators and programmers, he added.