USIU, tech firm to train cyber-security experts


The partnership will see CSI develop a curriculum on cyber-security. FILE PHOTO | NMG

War on cyber-insecurity has received a boost after USIU-Africa University partnered with a local tech institute to offer training on how to counter the menace.

The USIU-Africa partnership with Cyber-security Institute (CSI) is aimed at creating a local pool of cyber security experts that will man online portals for private and public sector players thereby enabling a smooth flow of business activities.

“We cannot take lightly the fact that we live in an age fraught with digital and cyber risks. We are keen to partner with USIU-Africa and its other partners in tackling the various cyber-security issues facing our nation,” said CSI.

The two institutions will offer research and innovation, training and capacity building programs on matters cyber-security.

USIU-Africa vice chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza said this will increase Kenya’s capacity in responding to technology and data security breaches.

Last year, several banks and saccos lost unknown amounts of money after hackers broke into their systems and digitally siphoned the monies. “The recent launch of Kenya’s Huduma number and the reported opportunities and challenges bring to the fore the need for concerted efforts in providing safe use of technology in driving national development,” Prof. Zeleza said.

The partnership will see CSI develop a curriculum on cyber-security.