400 attend Facebook’s startups tech conference in Nairobi

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Some social media platforms enable businesses interact directly with their customers. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

More than 400 African developers and startups attended the first Facebook’s conference in Nairobi that tackled application of emerging innovations to grow businesses.

The forum dubbed ‘Facebook iD8 Nairobi’ and held last week discussed cutting-edge technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality, messaging, e-commerce and open source.

Facebook said in the past three years, it has been working closely with enterprises to enable them leverage on social media platforms for expansion and to bolster their fortunes.

Proud Dzambukira, the company’s Product Partnerships Lead Middle East and Africa, said the company is also looking to work with more start-ups in adption of Facebook, Instagram and Telegram apllications.

“In messaging we are seeing huge opportunities for both start-ups and large businesses who would like to discover new opportunities and engage with other businesses and customers,” he said.


Some of the platforms, he said, such as Messenger and Instagram enable businesses interact directly with their customers.

“We have made investments in a bunch of other areas like storage sharing platform for start-ups with their apps directly linked to Facebook and Instagram,” Mr Dzambukira added.

Facebook Global Head Developer Programs, Emeka Afigbo stated that the company will in 2020 start the second Andela proogramme that will train start-ups and developers in ten countries on technical and non-technical skills.

“This followed Facebook’s three-month training with Andela in Kenya and Nigeria where 2,500 individuals went through,” he said.